Anything for a good photo

Geting the shot
Look at that styling photographer in the pond showin' a little skin! The ceremony was held at Lensmire's Village Gardens in Plover and the venue was absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention they have the most beautiful pond and this fun bridge, just begging to be used for some photographs.

Everyone looked a little shocked when I just jumped in the water, but I will do anything to capture the moment. Not to mention, the wedding party all got a kick out of watching me direct them from waist high water, and the photos showed some great expressions. I was not worried about my own safety, but I was overprotective of my gear. One of the guests sent me this photo, and I thought it would be a little fun to see what is on the other side of the lens.


  1. That's a funny shot, Amy! I've freaked people out by climbing bridges and that sort of thing myself. ;)