Going Green Portrait Style

Although this shoot was not really a practice in going green, the plentiful spring rains brought some lush greenery to our landscape. Everything seemed to pop just a little bit more for this little guy. We had a blast walking down a wilderness trail, taking photos at opportune times, and even taking time to play in a log fort left behind by some previous visitors. Now that is the kind of work that I enjoy!

We took a break by some grass after running around the trail for a bit. Everyone need a little breather when playing.

Going Green 3


We came to a clearing with a fantastic log that just happened to be in some beautiful sunlight.

Going Green 1

Going Green 4

We finished our day at the fort which was made of old rotted logs that had been piled up to resemble a birds nest. Although most attention was lost by this point, I was able to capture one more shot to finish a lovely walk on the trail. Never mind that little bit of vegetation on his elbow, we like to think about that as showing a little personality, I would not dare try to get rid of that :-)

Going Green 5

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  1. Jonathan DearJuly 03, 2008

    These photos are GREAT! I love the location you picked - I love long grass / reedy shots! Beautifully captured!