Mooovin' on up! :: Mini Cards

I am so excited to show these little guys that came all the way from London; my mini moo cards. These little guys may be tiny, but they pack a huge punch. They come in this adorable little box and to make them even better -- they are made of recycled material.

So what are they exactly? Personalized images will appear on the front of the card, and information on where to go to visit the online gallery after the wedding is on the back. They can be handed out at receptions or put in thank you cards to let your guests in on all the details. Classy, modern, and most definitely fresh, these little guys are personal and practical. Best of all, they are included in every wedding package.

Moo Cards

Moo Cards2


  1. i love these cards, they are so fun!

  2. love them amy :) I can't wait to get my first set of moo cards soon.

  3. inspiring...I have been wanting to get some of those!

    Pretty sweet wide-angle-lens-age shots on your blog!!!

  4. i can't wait to order some of these myself!