My favorite portrait ...of the moment

Today the question came up what was my favorite portrait I have taken. To be honest, this changes by the minute, every session I shoot there is a new favorite. I am always trying something new and focusing in on my technique. But if I absolutely had to choose a favorite at this exact moment in time, I would pick this one.

I love this portrait because it is natural, right down to his messy mouth, freckled face, and wind tossed hair -- or should I say trampoline tossed hair.

Blue Eyes Portait


  1. This picture is great, you can tell his personality from it. BTW I love your blog, it is totally personalized to you.

  2. Jonathan DearJuly 03, 2008

    Amy this is one amazing photo! I keep being drawn back to it! The colours really pop and I love the eye contact and the cheeky smile... I hope this is on a wall somewhere!!

  3. Great shot! I love his expression.