Searching for the perfect print

Not all print labs are created equal. This statement was fairly true when I began the search for one that stood above the others. First off, I am picky about these things, I needed to find a place that I could stand behind and know that they were going to give me the best possible prints 100% off the time.

A few things stood out to me across the board when I was wading through them. First, it is true that there are quite a few things that make a professional lab different then your neighborhood drug store. The lab is not stuffed into the back corner of the store with only one machine spitting out images. Nowadays, professional labs can take up thousands of square feet in an effort to house the most sophisticated technology available. In most cases the labs continue to grow as technology grows.

Secondly, color becomes a major focus. Photographers work quite a bit to make sure their equipment is calibrated so the color on their screens matches exactly with the prints that come from their lab. The ink on the paper is also varying in quality, folks do not realize that there are thousands of ink and pigment choices available and certain grades are better at retaining color then others.

Third and most importantly, archival safe and the longevity of color. Scrapbookers know exactly what I am talking about, we buy products that are not going to destroy photo from the paper to the embellishments. All that worrying does not mean a thing if the photo paper and ink itself is not acid free and archival safe.

Wow, there certainly is a lot to think about! So when a little package arrived in the mail and out popped some of these beauties with the exact color, great texture, and overall superior quality I envisioned, all the hard work of searching finally paid off. I have found the lab that I trust my photographs to.



  1. I completly second that post. Finding a lab that rocks....well....ROCKS!

  2. That's awesome that you found the perfect lab for you! That's such a huge deal!!! :)

  3. ohhhh, I love this post. So great you found THE lab. I am struggling with this myself at the moment.