A brief visit from a friend

One of my good friends from college went and moved off to D.C. after she graduated. Leaving me behind, who would have thought. We went to D.C. during college for a visit and stayed with our advisor's brother-in-law who is an amazing environmental lobbyist. He let us stay at his office/house/museum for the week. I am not kidding, he purchased this house because it was within walking distance to the Capitol, and he collects political memorabilia. There are literally more pieces in his home then many small museums in the U.S., which I am guessing his insurance provider loves. The lobbyist showed us around D.C. and even helped us get a meeting with the House Speaker on higher education issues. The lobbyist quizzed us on issues and policy and told us stories of his work there over the past 30 years.

We came back to Wisconsin to finish up our Senior year of college and began planning our next steps in life. One day my friend announced, she was going back to D.C., she had an offer that she had to pursue. My friend left because our new lobbyist friend thought that she had potential and asked her to join his team. Since then she has been working with the little guys and trying to make a difference. Although I still enjoy reports back from her about how silly folks are in Washington and how much nicer the people in the Midwest, stories of trying to find the perfect apartment, and all the amazing restaurants within a stones throw away. Watch out D.C., we will entice her back to this area sooner or later, despite your divine cuisine.

She tries to visit as much as possible, and I feel a little bad that I only visited her once in the last two years. Worse, when I visited her it was a work trip so we only spent a day together. However, this week us Wisconsinites were pleased to have her back and we went to our old stomping grounds to catch up.

There certainly was a sense of nostalgia in the visit. In college we would head downtown and act like crazy kids, now we were civilized adults who sat down and chatted about jobs and family. Unfortunately, some of those family trees we talked about were slightly complicated and necessitated the use of a napkin and a flow chart. This week I am going to be thankful of the times I have with my friends and the memories we share. A day like this comes along every once and...well...two years.





  1. I love that first wide angle shot -- you can see in the detail of the picture that all that's really happening is friends sitting around a table drawing a map. But the wide shot makes it fun! :D

  2. Looks like you're having so much fun. So nice to hang out with friends.

  3. It's nice to see old friends!! I really love the second shot :)

  4. Using a fisheye lens is not the easiest things to get right. I have seen people use it and it just can look stupid. There is so much life in your 1st shot, that it comes alive with the fisheye.

    Well done.

  5. I love when photographers post more personal stuff on their blogs! Nice use of the fisheye in that first image. Looks like you guys had fun catching up!

  6. Jill HigginsJuly 18, 2008

    Looks like fun - love the last one!

  7. Love that wide one. Totally a story there, it's a nice memory to have captured forever. I have to remember to capture some more of my own memories...

  8. So cool to reunite with old friends! The last shot is my fav! :)

  9. It looks like a lot of fun! I love the wide shot! It makes me so jealous I don't have a wide-angle.