KC + Zach : Engagement

I had the pleasure of meeting up with KC and Zach this weekend for an engagement shoot. I would just like to point out that these two are probably some of the most creative and amusing couples around. They could hardly keep a straight face around each other. For every serious and romantic photo, another with silly faces appeared, I absolutely adored it. I went a little crazy with the creative processing, but these guys are pretty creative themselves so I had to make sure it lived up to their amazingness.
KC & Zach 1

We started out at some of KC and Zach's favorite places to visit with each other.

KC & Zach 3

Remember what I said about fun faces, here they begin. These two are awesome together.
KC & Zach 4

So who ordered the gorgeous sun?
KC & Zach 5

I should explain, this is our attempt at a Harlequin romance cover, and I think they did a bang up job.
KC & Zach 6

KC & Zach 7

KC & Zach 8

More fantastic fun faces!
KC & Zach 9

Such a fantastic afternoon, the weather was beautiful and the sunlight was just perfect. I am absolutely excited to photograph KC and Zach's wedding this September, it is going to be spectacular. Beautiful Irish details and a hand embroidered dress, these two are after my own heart!

KC & Zach 10


  1. that 3rd image and the funny face one is awesome!!! great great session!

  2. There are some great faces here. Very cool.

  3. These are great! Looks like they had so much fun on the shoot. Love that last one - great light!