Quoted in Good Housekeeping


There is nothing better then waking up in the morning to find that you have a blurp in Good Housekeeping. Especially from a gal like me who was coined the, "Martha Stewart" of my residence hall in college. My fifteen seconds in the spotlight is through an article entitled, "Voluntyranny". The ironic part is that I am an avid volunteer. Let me change that up a bit, not just an avid volunteer, I am the volunteer that the church will usually call first because they know I cannot say "no". In all honesty, how would you reply to a youth minister who asks you to help out and says they understand if you are busy, but, "why don't you just pray on it." Yes, I have a problem with declining these calls for help, but on the other hand part of me feels a bit of self-fulfillment every time I say "yes".

When I was first called up, I really had no idea what the article would focus on other then the topic of "volunteering". The article talks about folks who are ultra volunteers and are also the ones most likely to overextend themselves. Hold your hats, are they talking about folks like me? It makes sense though, most organizations find a good and reliable volunteer and they grasp onto them continually asking for their help because they are dependable. But the quote they used from me is more along the lines of: volunteer using what you love. In my case that is photography. I never feel overextended when I am behind a lens. For me, volunteering is a time to step back and be thankful for your blessings, and share them with others. To read the full text, follow this link.


Now is the perfect time to add in my usual plug. I often volunteer my photography services to local non-profits, and a couple to national photography volunteer programs. One being Think Pink, an organization that focuses on the story of women and their families as they battle and overcome breast cancer. The other organization is Operation Love, an organization that gives a little back to our service men and women that protect our country everyday. If anyone you know in the area could benefit from these services, please feel free to forward these links. Images are powerful and significant, and that is why I love to share them.


  1. Great job with the blurb - and it's very true. You can easily OVERextend yourself and stuff you did for charity or "fun" can cease to be fun. As long as you're doing the right amount, fun should remain fun!!

    (Operation Love = Awesome!!!)