An Intimate Wedding


What I absolutely love about intimate weddings with small guest lists, is that you literally feel in the midst of the day. The group is chatty, everyone is close to each other, and there is so much love and affection between every person in attendance. I think there is nothing sweeter then when the pastor asks all the guests to gather around the alter and celebrate such a beautiful occasion by literally wrapping themselves around the bride and groom. My favorite part is that I can leave my telephoto lens behind and just get up close and really capture the beauty of the day and still not feel intrusive. So when folks say, it is just going to be a small wedding, "nothing special", my immediate response is that it is always special to have those with the greatest love drenching you with joy on your wedding day.

And so it was with Anne and Tim. Both of them were excited and a little giddy as the day started. Anne looked stunning in her golden dress, Tim had that quirky smile and a sparkle in his eye. Their families gathered in Madison to celebrate this day with them, and everyone there knew they were witnessing something special.

A few more to come from this celebration, but a couple to leave you with.


Of course the older cousins had to grab their uncle's golf clubs and mentor their younger cousins swing.



  1. Love the golf shot. Looks a little dangerous and fun at the same time!