Do you hear those hammers and saws going...

There is a wee bit of construction dust piling up at Amy Clark Photo Blog. As my regular Blog Readers (B.R.) may notice, the design has been changed up a bit. A graphic artist at heart, I really did not feel the old atmosphere in here really reflected my chic and trendy persona. Alright, stop laughing so loudly. I can be chic and trendy if I want too. Lets compromise, how about fresh, whimsical, and unique? Yes, that sounds about right. The part that makes me the happiest is that I coded and designed it on my own, after all, who needs a cookie cutter blog template ;-) The part that makes me not quite as happy is how long it takes to tweak the template, especially when I have some photo editing to do.

So please excuse the mess as I adjust the blog a little bit. Regular scheduled blog posts will resume this weekend after a wedding and a couple of portrait sessions. But while you wait, sit back and explore a little bit. And eat some Halloween candy, it will be good for you.

And because a blog post without a photograph is like a fish without fins, here is a snapshot of my kitty, lets hear an "awww" from all of my B.R.'s out there. Awww....

Skye Bird


  1. ohana photographers - david & kimiOctober 24, 2008

    haha! you crack us up! can't wait to see it! have an awesome weekend amy!

  2. Could not agree more. I am always looking at ways to be better and "improved". I doubt I will ever be happy. But I like where you are going with yours.......