Freestyle Motorcross with a Message


In all honesty, I never thought that a post about Freestyle Motorcross would ever grace the pages of this blog. I have watched the X-Games on occasion (admittedly it was just background noise while I was doing some office work) but I certainly cannot name the tricks or the major players in the field.

Our weekly youth group hosted Cody Cavanaugh, a local celebrity in his own right, who spoke about self-motivation and being your best. Cody travels the FMX circuit nationally, but is a native of the Fox Valley. The highlight of the evening came when the youth walked outside to the parking lot with construction light illuminating two ramps. Before he began performing, he bowed his head in a short prayer, and then he rocked out the night sky for a group of wide-eyed teenagers. For the camera techies out there, I worked with only available light from the construction beam, so some of the aerial action shots were challenging to dial in fighting the film noise from the darkness and the speed of the bike, but I came out with some that I really enjoyed.




  1. Wow...really like the first shot. The tilt-shifts are soo cool.

  2. love love love that last shot!!!! holy smokes!

  3. Wowsers, these are fabulous!