The Hertz Family


Before I really get into the midst of these fantastic family photographs, I just wanted to give a little bit of my story as this is the first post featuring a family from Operation Love. When I was a wee little lass my family always talked about my Grandpa. As the youngest cousin on both sides of my family by about eight years, I was the only cousin who had never really met him, he passed away shortly after I was born. But every weekend we would get together with my cousins, aunts, and uncles, they would always have stories to tell about him. I would just sit wide-eyed with my ears glued on every word. They would talk about what an amazing craftsman he was in construction and how he had a run-in with some of the famous gangsters who would come up from Chicago to vacation in Door County.

The story that always got to me though, and although Grandpa apparently never really talked about his time as a solder to anyone, I could repeat the tag line I heard every single time it was brought up; Grandpa fought in the Korean War and was a POW for a year and five days. I do not want to evoke any specifics that I am aware of because I do get misty eyed, but I know his sacrifice. He had defended this country with great honor and was awarded the Purple Heart for his actions in the Korean War, my Grandpa is an American Hero.

But he is not alone in the status of American Hero. When I meet folks like the Hertz Family, I know it is only right to truly thank them for their sacrifice to our country and celebrate their life as it deserves. Because they have a story too, and I was privileged that I was able to capture even just a moment of it. Their family is about as genuinely kind as you will find, and it is absolutely apparent that they enjoy every moment that they have together. Thank you for letting me see a piece of your story.


I will officially declare that fall is most definately the perfect time of year for photography. The sun is in the perfect position, the color in the trees is just perfect, the air is crisp, and not too humid. Not to mention we can throw some leaves around.





The photo above and photo below are probably two of my personal favorites from the session. There is always a special bond with a Father and his Daughter -- and I was kind of sneaky getting this shot, so they probably did not even know it was taken...well of course until now ;-) And below you have just about the perfect family portrait, seriously, you can tell they are just a fantastic family just by looking at them together.






Sempre fi! Sorry, I always wanted a reason to say that. Thank you again for letting me capture this day for your family. It was truly a blessing and a pleasure to photograph your family. The only difficult thing about the whole experience was editing down the photographs, each of you is amazingly photogenic and really making that part of my job extremely tough. That is truly the best problem to have though.



  1. Those are some great photographs. Amazing color and clarity!

  2. Thank you! It helped to have such fantastic light to dial in the settings. Not to mention nature graced us with some gorgeous colors!

  3. These have SOOO much personality! What a great shoot.

  4. super cute! tons of personality. and i LOVE the fall colors!

  5. oh my goodness the DOF in the one after the first b&w picture is great, and wow there is definetly alot of talent spread out throughout the shoot, love the fall colors! :)

  6. I Love the fall color of these. I LOVE OL reunited. I am also a volunteer- and I appreciate what you do! Thanks for sharing- and these images will be charished for a lifetime!

  7. Amy, these are awesome! The kids will be so proud of the first shot as they get older! They are awesome!

    I looooove these! I love fall, its my fave season and these pictures just scream Fall. :) What a great looking family.

  9. Some great light, color and DOF up in here!!

  10. Great colours and excellent depth of field control, well done!

  11. @everyone: Thanks for your fantastic comments, it was really a privilege to shoot this family, they are so loving, and I tried so hart to make sure I could capture them so that they could enjoy these photographs.

  12. melanie swanOctober 30, 2008

    Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful colors, and great imagery that portrays a truly beautiful family. Thank you for sharing!!!

  13. These are beautiful Amy!!

    Hertz Family: Thank you ALL for your sacrifice and service. Means more than you'll ever know. :-)