Zach & KC {Wedding}

Zach + KC

KC and Zach are simply an amazing couple. Everything about them is unique and genuine, and when I first met up with them and they described the details of their wedding, I did a little dance in my chair. They were going to infuse their Irish roots into a beautiful ceremony overlooking the bluffs at High Cliff State Park. I had not been back to High Cliff for about eight years, so a couple weeks before the wedding when my friends suggested going there to hike, I became giddy. The views are amazing, and there is a fantastic tower that provides a fantastic overlook of Lake Winnebago. So many lucky couples use this spot to marry, my challenge was to find a new and innovative way to utilize it for a unique couple like Zach and KC.

Many of the details of the wedding were arranged by KC's fabulous sister, Anne. This girl knows how to plan a party!

KC + Zach 2

KC + Zach 13

KC and Zach infused their Irish heritage into the ceremony with a traditional hand binding, I also learned this is the original origin of the tying the knot. It was beautiful to hear, and then they were asked, "Will you cause him any anger?"

"Perhaps." ~KC
"Do you intend to cause him and anger?" KC pauses. At this point Zach looked at his friends and family with this expression.
"No." KC said amidst her laughter.

KC + Zach 7

KC also carried the same Bible down the aisle as her mother and grandmother before her. I love how they incorporated these details and brought a beautiful family tradition to the day.

KC   Zach 5

The next two photos are a result of my pre-wedding vision of doing something awesome using the tower.
KC + Zach 11

KC + Zach 14

KC + Zach 1

The catering was absolutely to dye for! I about went into a food coma when I inhaled my meal, then I smacked myself to get up and snap some more photographs. The divine Apple Creek Inn out of De Pere provided phenomenal on-site service.

And HELLO! This is the cake cutting shot of my dreams! I was hoping all day long that Zach would pull out that sword to take a bite out of that lovely cake.

KC + Zach 4

KC + Zach 8
Above I had to include their rings in with the binding from the ceremony. Zach attached it to the handle of his sword for safekeeping. Below, this is a first for me, a food fight at a wedding. I may have provided them with some bun ammo from another table.
KC + Zach 10

Congratulations Zach and KC, here is to a fantastic day, with fantastic friends, put together in a way that is uniquely your own. The two of you are such a joy to be around and I wish you many blessings on your new journey.


  1. love this wedding!!! you did a rockin job!! kilts rule!!!

  2. What a COOL wedding!! Why can't I get one of those.. *sigh* You captured their day fabulously- I loved the cake! (now that's a cake!) and the groom cutting it with his sword is priceless :)