Album Design Sample

I love, love, LOVE being around people, and that is probably why being at weddings is such a fantastic experience. There are lots of folks who are talkative and excited about being at a celebration. Personally, I thrive and gain a lot of creative energy from being around folks, talking about how they know the couple, funny stories they can share, and generally enjoying the lively jokes and antidotes that present themselves during the day. That interaction endears me even more to the couple and helps push me create the most beautiful images possible.

But there is a part of the process that often leaves me in a great deal of solitude. That part is the editing and designing of the album in my digital darkroom. What takes a day to shoot, can take potentially weeks to complete, and takes a great deal of that creative energy to put together a story the encompasses the entire events of the day. Although I am so energized by being around people, I can sometimes become so focused on the editing that I have been know to loose track of time. Because in the end, the album is going to be finishing detail to pull the entire experience together.

My greatest joy is that every album design is as unique and inspired as each couple it will be presented to. There are no cookie-cutter templates to draw from, and my goal is make the album truly represent that particular wedding, while working closely with the couple to make sure it hits the mark. This is the first family heirloom a couple will have, the very beginning of a life together, so you could say there is a little bit of pressure to get it just right. Ultimately, I want these pieces to stand the test of time, but maintain the personality of the couple that excited me so much on their wedding day.

The album below is the first I have posted on this blog. As I post more in the future, it will be apparent how unique each design is. This first album sample is from a small, intimate wedding with a classic feel. It is 10 spreads (20 pages) in total, and in the words of the brides sister, "this is them". Enjoy!


  1. That is a great post. You really get the idea on what is going on!

  2. Gorgeous album! I love the little details and flourishes!