Prints and Matboard


Not all prints are created equal. 8x10 and small prints generally are perfectly fine for display with professional photographic paper, and likely to have a long lifespan. Larger prints that are going to be used for display are also made from the same paper, but they have a tendency to not lay as flat in their frame. That is why I have all my large prints come mounted for display.

Folks always wonder exactly how thick the mat board will be and if it will add a lot of extra bulk making it difficult to frame. To give an idea of exactly how thick the mat board used to frame this 16x20 from the Fond du Lac National Guard, I did a little comparison. I am visual spacial learner, so I will use a DVD from Season 1 of the West Wing to compare.


It is thicker then the DVD, and the mat board is thick enough that this image is able to support itself. At 2mm, it is not overly thick, when in a frame it will remain flat and not curl. Just an extra little touch to make sure prints remain as perfect as the day you open the package. I really love how the print quality turned out on this print, and with the mat board, I am really proud to present this to my client.



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