twitter bug >{}<

Most of my photography buddies know what that little box is up on top is that gives random mini-updates of my life, but I know some of my favorite dedicated blog readers may not. Twitter meet blog readers, blog readers meet twitter.

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Not that you have formally been introduced, you may wonder what that little box does. I like to think of it as a mini blog within a blog. Gives small snapshots into my life without the time of putting together a formal blog post -- tweets if you will. For folks who are familiar with facebook, this would be similar to the news feed feature, but usually funnier and a bit more updated. In some ways, it is just another social networking tool. For folks who cannot give up their love of facebook, there is also a twitter app you can install so the two can live harmoniously.

If you have a twitter account, or set one up, feel free to add me as a follower and I will return the favor. Just another way to stay connected.

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  1. hmmmmm. My wife will kill me I think if I add one more thing in my life to update! But maybe.........