walking on winnebago


A familiar site for folks who live in the Fox Valley is Lake Winnebago. It gets a bad wrap for being mucky and it certainly has a few things at the bottom that should not be there, but it certainly is a part of Wisconsin.

I have many memories of this lake. One involves my brother's first time driving a boat across to High Cliff State Park and ending up in a rain storm, another is wadding in at Fresh Air Camp as a kid--before it was invaded by invasive species. Two summers ago I even took a sailing workshop and with our small crew we manned it across the lake and watched the local sailing club have a small regatta as we flew by.

But there is one thing I have not done in quite some time--walked on Lake Winnebago when it was frozen over. At first when I stepped onto the ice I had a surreal moment. My brain knew that there was at least an 18 inch base and could see that there were snowmobiles off in the distance on a make-shaft course, but it seemed like the ice should not be able to hold the weight. The very top layer was crinkling with a slight melt for the sun, so my feet sank in momentarily, and first impulse was to jump back onto land, but I could see the other feet track marks and knew that they too sunk in slightly. Onward I moved along the shoreline, at peace with how quiet it was with the mostly isolated lake. Here are a few shots from my walk on winnebago.






  1. LOVE these, Amy! Although, I'm thankful it's still warm enough in AZ to wear short sleeves!

  2. Awesome series! That last one is my fav :)


  3. The second one just makes me smile! Wish we had more snow out probably wish you had less. :) Beautiful!

  4. The snow I can deal with, it is the cold that can get to me. I do love the second one, and kind of think I want to get it made into a canvas to hang in my home.

  5. These shots are KILLER, Amy! I love the simplicty and solitude in each shot! Well done!