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National Pet Week
I have mentioned before that I am pretty much a cat lady, but this past week there was reason to celebrate -- it was National Pet Week. The folks over at the American Animal Hospital hosted a fantastic event filled with a blue ribbon pet show, ice cream social, home-made pet treats, a laster therapy demo, and plenty of four legged friends running around. The folks over at Channel 2 news even stopped by for a visit. And I had to post this photo, I told his owner that I am pretty much his new best friend. How can you not love a face like that?

For folks who attended the event, please visit the online gallery HERE. All proceeds from print sales will be donated to our local animal shelters.


  1. That's one cute pup! :)

  2. That is a great picture. What a cute dog! that is such a great picture! I wish I was that talented to be able to do something like that for my pet cats. They usually scatter when I bring out my camera. I guess I should just be more sneaky the next time to get a picture of them.

  3. This picture is so cute! I absolutely love dogs! The animal hospital has some super cute dogs!

  4. That really is a super cute dog. My sister has a dog just like him. There was a scary moment a year ago or so when they had to take him to the animal hospital because he was so sick, but he's fine now and continues being their kids' best friend.