Anything for a Good Photo: Part III

For those of you who may have missed it, here are Part I and Part II of the series where I show what I am willing to do to get the perfect shot -- or at least what seemed like a good idea at the time. I've jumped in ponds, bailed out snow drifts, and now I have been caught again being the goofy photographer on the busy streets of Madison. Hey, no one said good images take themselves, sometimes you have to work a little bit.

The one thing about having a second photographer around when you are in a session is sometimes they turn the lens on you. So as I'm editing, I stumble across little jewels like this (all care of Miss Courtney during Anthony and Sara's engagement session):

amy at work 01

Okay, that one above was not so bad. And in the ones below you see how much fun I have climbing riot towers. Not to mention, Anthony looks like he is laughing -- definately proof that I am funny!
amy at work 02

But my-oh-my, every once and a while I stumble across a photo like the one below. Anyone with any sense of dignity would bury it as far as possible in the editing pile never to see the light of day. But what fun would that be? Hmmm, just imagine folks walking by as I am hanging out on the ground. But if I did not do this, then I would miss photos like...
amy at work 03

...this. Yes, it was worth it.

anthonysarah 28


  1. Heather MabeeJuly 08, 2009

    I love this last photo in part III! It is truely amazing, the design on the ceiling makes this just fabulous!!! Amy you are a genius!!!

  2. Thanks Heather, I saw the ceiling and knew I had to use it somehow, but this was the only angle it really showed it off :-)

  3. Amy: Love the shots of you. So cool.